Sabert BePulp - Buddha Bowl Range
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Sabert BePulp - Buddha Bowl Range

Sabert Home Compostable - Buddha Food Bowl Range Buddha Bowl: On Trend Concept Food Packaging The Buddha bowl concept is “one complete meal in one bowl”.... more

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PUL12020 300 20 oz 50 mm 170 mm Natural
PUL12024 300 26 oz 70 mm 170 mm Natural
PUL12032 300 35 oz 80 mm 170 mm Natural

Sabert Home Compostable - Buddha Food Bowl Range

Buddha Bowl: On Trend Concept Food Packaging

The Buddha bowl concept is “one complete meal in one bowl”. You can mix various healthy elements to compose your own meal.

Sabert’s wide bowl collection is suitable for a variety of traditional meals fresh colorful salads as well as the latest trendy meals like a vibrant hawaiian poke, or vegetarian style buddha bowl meal. The special shape makes it easy to be eaten in, to be taken out - or to be delivered. Now offering three key food to go sizes – 600ml, 750ml and 1000ml.

New Lid Options (purchased separately) 
Sabert Buddha bowl domed lids are now available in three types. We now offer a new clear PP lid which is suitable for hot and cold foods and is microwavable upto 120°C. We also offer a PET lids made recyclable clear rPET - these offer the best visibility and presentation for cold foods, and they are widely recyclable. Our Pulp option is a sustainable lid choice which is fully compostable.

All three lid options listed, fit any sized 17cm ⌀ Buddha Bowl. 
Compostable Certification

Sustainable BePulp: Our Buddha bowls are made using pulp that comes from fibres of plant origin, natural materials which are both abundant and renewable. BePulp Buddha bowls are Home OK Compost certified by TUV Austria (EN 13432) - For industrial and garden composters and can disintegrate in 120 days.

  • Designed to grab and eat on-the-go.
  • Fully microwaveable base
  • 3 Lid options fit all 3 sizes of buddha bowl
  • No taste transfer.
  • Bowls are certified "OK compostable" and "Home compostable" certified by TUV.
  • Shelf Stackable Design.
  • The BePulp product range is made from a Natural, plant based renewable resource.
  • Sabert BePulp Lid features a unique clip system that offers the best leak protection on the market. This makes the range perfect for takeout and  robust enough for safely sending your cuisine via an online delivery partner.

Why Choose Sabert Branded Food Packaging

Enhance Your Creations: Sabert makes food look great and taste great.
Traceability: Trust Sabert for rigorous quality control, cutting edge equipment and certified manufacturing.
Impeccable Product Quality:
Robust Product - which won’t leak. Sabert products can help improve delivery's, transportation and handling processes.
Commitment to Sustainability:
Sabert has a long-standing tradition of sustainability at every level.

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Static Conversion Chart 

Ounces-OZ Milliliters-ML
1 30
1.5 44
2 59
2.5 74
3 89
3.5 104
4 118
4.5 133
5 148
6 177
7 207
8 237
9 266
10 296
12 355
14 414
16 473
18 532
20 591
22 651
24 710