Diamond PET Smoothie Cup Range
Material Hot Cold Compostable Recyclable Reusable
PET Plastic

Diamond PET Smoothie Cup Range

Serve signature cold drinks with the Diamond PET cup range - Perfect for; ✔ Smoothie and Juice  ✔ Milkshake  ✔ Slush  ✔ Fruit Cooler ✔ Over Ice Tea and Coffee ✔ Frozen... more

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DC12 1000 12.0oz 13.8oz 102mm 98mm Clear
DC16 1000 16.0oz 18.2oz 123mm 98mm Clear
DC20 1000 19oz 20oz 140mm 98mm Clear

Serve signature cold drinks with the Diamond PET cup range - Perfect for;

✔ Smoothie and Juice  ✔ Milkshake  ✔ Slush  ✔ Fruit Cooler ✔ Over Ice Tea and Coffee ✔ Frozen Fruit Lemonades ✔ Iced Frappe ✔ Soft Fizzy Soda Drinks ✔ Pick n Mix Sweets ✔ Fruit to go ✔ Bubble Tea 

Why choose the Diamond PET Juice Cup;

The Diamond Standard: Maximum strength, shine and appearance. Diamond PET drinking cups have a superb finish that provides a quality feel in the hand. These heavy-weight cups have ultra-clarity to showcase your drink which will ensure your signature beverages look professional and delicious.

We know it’s a feature you love: One lid fits all three sizes. Stocking the Diamond PET Cup Range for your business is super simple, one lid keeps your costs down and profit up! We simply stock the Diamond Dome lid with hole and the Diamond Flat Lid with Straw Slot – These fit all three cups: 12oz, 16oz and 20oz.

As a leading wholesaler of “PET juice cups” in the UK – we buy in bulk, and pass the savings on. We believe the “Diamond PET cup” brings optimum balance between quality and price, providing both performance and value for a wide range of cold drink applications to the UK marketplace.

CupsDirect have large quantities of stock availability in our onsite warehouse in Essex. This means orders can be immediately despatched on the same day - for fast next day business delivery.

The Diamond Disposable Smoothie Cup is manufactured to ISO90001 EU and UK food standards. The range uses a consistently selected premium grade PET virgin raw material, which can be easily and widely recycled in the UK. The Diamond PET cup range is fully certified and suitable for all food and drink outlets serving food grade packaging to the UK marketplace.

Many customers using the Dart-Solo “Conex Clear Pro” product are now happily switching to the Diamond Smoothie Cup Range for its awesome value. This switch is made even easier as both ranges utilise the 98mm rim diameter. These two product ranges can be interchanged and mixed as required.

The term PET is a reference to the raw material used to manufacture this product. PET or PETE is best known as the clear plastic used for water and soda bottle containers. ... In fact, it's THE most widely recycled plastic in the world. Checkout our plastic's buyers guide to find out more.

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Static Conversion Chart 

Ounces-OZ Milliliters-ML
1 30
1.5 44
2 59
2.5 74
3 89
3.5 104
4 118
4.5 133
5 148
6 177
7 207
8 237
9 266
10 296
12 355
14 414
16 473
18 532
20 591
22 651
24 710