Bio Recyclable - Double Wall Kraft Hot Cup Range
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Bio Recyclable - Double Wall Kraft Hot Cup Range

Compostable and Recyclable ♺ Kraft Double Wall Aqueous Coffee Cups.   Optional Sizes / Volumes Available.  Recycle this kraft double wall cup range, with mainstream paper and... more

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CD7801 500 8oz 9oz 92mm 80mm Kraft
CD7802 500 12oz 14oz 110mm 90mm Kraft
CD7803 500 16oz 17.5oz 138mm 90mm Kraft

Compostable and Recyclable  Kraft Double Wall Aqueous Coffee Cups.

  Optional Sizes / Volumes Available. 

Recycle this kraft double wall cup range, with mainstream paper and card.

Thanks to recent material advancements, we are delighted to supply a new range of recyclable kraft paper cups that look and perform just the same as conventional plastic coated, or PLA coated cups. The key difference is that these cups are optimised to be recycled back into high grade paper using conventional paper recycling equipment - thus supporting a circular economy where the valuable paper fiber can be recycled many times...

RECYCLABLE DOUBLE WALL RANGE: This range is available in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz all printed with the minimal design as pictured. 

  • A Zero Plastic Aqueous Lined cup.
  • 100% recyclable +100% compostable.
  • White inner cup, with outer kraft wrap and sustainable recycling and composting message.
  • Made from paper and renewable corn resources.
  • Materials are Certified suitable by the WMU for mainstream recycling.
  • Materials are Certified compostable to standard EN 13432.
  • Complies with EU food contact regulations.
  • Manufactured to ISO and BRC standards. 
  • Standard Industry rim diameters for normal lid fitment. [80mm and 90mm]


      YES – Please recycle this cup with mainstream paper and card.
      YES - The range of Recyclable Coffee Cups can also be composted so are truly versatile. They comply with standard EN 13432 for compostability and are commercially compostable just like a PLA lined compostable paper cups. Paper stock is OK COMPOST certified by TUV Austria in the European Union.
      The Cup lining is an invisible coating on the inside of the cup this prevents the cup from leaking [all paper cups have a lining] and it is the material advancements within the lining of this 100% recyclable paper cup which makes it special. The current level of bio-content within the cup lining is a minimum of 50%, in the future we hope to be able to supply 100% bio-content level for our coated paper stock but currently this it is not commercially available to CupsDirect. The lining is derived from natural biological sources such as corn or sugarcane and then formed with synthetic polymers by the process of polycondensation. The cup liner complies with food contact regulation under the European Union regulations (EC 10/2011). The paper stock used in this range has also passed EU Overall migration (OML) Tests - Passing the OM6 condition, being able to withstand 100°C for 4 hours.
      Standard traditional Plastic lined [PE] cups can be recycled but must not be disposed of with mainstream paper. Recycling PE paper cups requires special processing - at a dedicated facility, making it a challenge to get the cup to the right place for all the cost involved. Right now to effectively "recycle" these traditional cups, they need to be sorted and collected in bulk - via a closed loop collection schemes. This is why so many paper cups have ended up in landfill. Understandably over time these mixed messages from cup and coffee retailers has created much consumer confusion. Please be aware of this when comparing products that specify they are recyclable or even 100% recyclable.
      NO -The cup is not compostable when buried in industrial landfills due to lack of oxygen.
      The shelf life of recyclable paper cup is very stable. We recommend using your product within 12 months from supply date, as per most of our food packaging.
      YES – Please contact CupsDirect for further details.

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      Static Conversion Chart 

      Ounces-OZ Milliliters-ML
      1 30
      1.5 44
      2 59
      2.5 74
      3 89
      3.5 104
      4 118
      4.5 133
      5 148
      6 177
      7 207
      8 237
      9 266
      10 296
      12 355
      14 414
      16 473
      18 532
      20 591
      22 651
      24 710