All our cups are fully recyclable and carry the necessary logos and certifications required by the various recycling organisations. When you purchase from we want to encourage recycling by advising the best way for your company to recycle your used cups, in some cases contribution to collection costs or fees associated with certain schemes. We also operate our own recycling service where we can recover and deliver our customers cups taking them in bulk to our nominated recycling centre.

Recycling our Plastic Cups

Our plastic cups are manufactured from Polypropylene (PP-05) and Polystyrene (PS-06) materials. The current recovery and recycling infrastructure is growing all the time, only certain recycling facilities have invested in new methodologies to deal with PS and PP raw material.

Recycling our Paper Cups

Paper cups that are intended for liquids and hot drinks are typically constructed from a wet -strength high quality paper fibre. The cup is then internally lined with a very thin polyethylene (PE) coating. The PE coating found on most paper cups means additional methodologies are required for the recycling of a paper cup and it is not the same process as recovering standard paper waste.

More Info on Recycling

Our Friends at recycle more is the place to go to find out about recycling all sorts of materials in the UK. With handy online features like: which recycling services are available in your area, curb side collections details and recycle bank locator. Other documents and advice includes setting up recycling in your business, school or home. You may find that local authorities in your area have not yet invested the technologies required for recycling plastic numbers 4,5 and 6. For this reason it is important that we continue to offer help and suggestions with your cup recycling schemes.

Eco & Biodegradable Products

We now have a number of Eco disposable products which have more end of life options than ever before. Please take the time to read our pages here and checkout the products.

Contact Us

For more help with recycling and our products please contact us with the following details; the cup type you purchased or of interest to you, the location / post-code and the quantity used per month.