Vegware Single Wall Kraft - Hot Cup Range
Material Hot Cold Compostable Recyclable Reusable
PLA Paper

Vegware Single Wall Kraft - Hot Cup Range

  Vegware single wall brown kraft hot cup range - lined with plant-based PLA, not plastic. Vegware branded (stock print) Hot Paper Cups lined with plant-based... more

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CD7561 1000 4oz 4.5oz 62mm 62mm Kraft
CD7562 1000 6oz 7.4oz 82mm 72mm Kraft
CD7563 1000 8oz 9.5oz 94mm 79mm Kraft
CD7564 1000 10oz 12oz 91mm 89mm Kraft
CD7565 1000 12oz 14oz 108mm 89mm Kraft
CD7566 1000 16oz 17.5oz 128mm 89mm Kraft
Bio Recyclable - Single Wall Hot Cup Range


Vegware single wall brown kraft hot cup range - lined with plant-based PLA, not plastic. Vegware Logo

Vegware branded (stock print) Hot Paper Cups lined with plant-based PLA, (not plastic). These hot paper cups are commercially compostable where accepted, furthermore this vegware range is award-winning, very high quality and cost effective. As with any single wall cup you will want to consider serving temperatures as soft hands will struggle with "ern" like temperatures. If you serve above the ideal coffee temperature of 70°C - (i.e. tea and soups) then you could consider pairing the cup with our "slip on paper clutches" for piping hot foods and drinks or a double wall product. 

  • Single Wall Range that has a great choice of sizes (available in six sizes; 4oz Espresso, 6oz Flat White, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz and 16oz)
  • Fully compostable and biodegradable – EN 13432 standard.
  • High End - Compostable Single Wall hot cup range.
  • Made in the British Isles from EU materials.
  • Single walled - gives a high resistance to heat.
  • Perfect for - coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

COMPOSTING & DISPOSAL: Our PLA lined Compostable Food packaging products are compliant with EN 13432 Standards for Industrial Compostability. This product meets the composting requirements defined by the British Standard, this includes the product composting to a set percentage within 12 weeks and producing a compost of known quality - which is contaminate Free.

Please check with your waste contractor if they can offer Industrial Composting Facilities. Small amounts of product may be collected curbside food waste collections. Approved trade waste collections are growing rapidly all the time so please keep checking.

This product is designed to be composted after use, not recycled. Used PLA should not be placed in standard recycling bins which collect paper, plastics and metals, as those materials go to a different type of sorting facility. Where there is no access to industrial composting facilities, PLA should be put in general waste. PLA is made from plants, using lower carbon, renewable or recycled materials, and these sustainability benefits still apply no matter what happens to them after use.

Static Conversion Chart 

Ounces-OZ Milliliters-ML
1 30
1.5 44
2 59
2.5 74
3 89
3.5 104
4 118
4.5 133
5 148
6 177
7 207
8 237
9 266
10 296
12 355
14 414
16 473
18 532
20 591
22 651
24 710