Ultimate Eco Bamboo Hot Cup Range
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PLA Bamboo

Ultimate Eco Bamboo Hot Cup Range

Single Use, Insulated Hot Cups made from Sustainable Bamboo.   Lids for this range will be in stock on the 18th August ULTIMATE ECO BAMBOO RANGE: This... more

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CD51004 500 8oz 9.2oz 93mm 87mm Bamboo Green
CD51005 500 12oz 12.5oz 112mm 87mm Bamboo Green
CD51006 500 16oz 16.2oz 142mm 87mm Bamboo Green

Single Use, Insulated Hot Cups made from Sustainable Bamboo.

  Lids for this range will be in stock on the 18th August

ULTIMATE ECO BAMBOO RANGE: This range is fully compostable and biodegradable, the raw stock is produced using pure Bamboo Fibre (rather than paper) making the "ultimate Eco range" highly sustainable. This means No trees were felled to make this cup, a positive result which supports the movement to reduce and prevent deforestation. The bamboo material is lined and sealed with PLA - a food grade compostable inner lining, made from plants not plastic.

ONE LID FITS ALL 3 SIZE CUPS: Another great USP - This range of cups is supplied in three sizes; 8oz, 12oz and 16oz and it has just "one" compostable lid (a unique 85mm diameter) to fit all three sizes. N.B - Compostable Lids are purchased separately.

HEAVY DUTY INSULATION: The range is heavily insulated - with 3 separate layers of compostable Eco board offering Ultimate heat transfer performance.

  • Fibre Board Made from Pure Bamboo.
  • Plastic Free.
  • Compostable Compliant - EU standard EN 13432.
  • Triple Walled - insulated cup that gives a high resistance to heat and mega cup rigidity.
  • Highly sustainable and Paper / Tree Free.

Case Configuration: 20 x 25 (500 Cups Per Case)
Lids Purchased Separately and Listed Below.

COMPOSTING & DISPOSAL: Our PLA lined Compostable Food packaging products are compliant with EN 13432 Standards for Industrial Compostability. This product meets the composting requirements defined by the British Standard, this includes the product composting to a set percentage within 12 weeks and producing a compost of known quality - which is contaminate Free.

Please check with your waste contractor if they can offer Industrial Composting Facilities. Small amounts of product may be collected curbside food waste collections. Approved trade waste collections are growing rapidly all the time so please keep checking.

This product is designed to be composted after use, not recycled. Used PLA should not be placed in standard recycling bins which collect paper, plastics and metals, as those materials go to a different type of sorting facility. Where there is no access to industrial composting facilities, PLA should be put in general waste. PLA is made from plants, using lower carbon, renewable or recycled materials, and these sustainability benefits still apply no matter what happens to them after use.

Static Conversion Chart 

Ounces-OZ Milliliters-ML
1 30
1.5 44
2 59
2.5 74
3 89
3.5 104
4 118
4.5 133
5 148
6 177
7 207
8 237
9 266
10 296
12 355
14 414
16 473
18 532
20 591
22 651
24 710