7oz Bio - PLA Lined Paper Water Cup
Material Hot Cold Compostable Recyclable Reusable
PLA Paper

7oz Bio - PLA Lined Paper Water Cup

THIS ITEM IS NOW DISCONTINUED  Plant Lined (PLA) White - Paper Water Cups, for hot and cold beverages. Paper Cups Direct Squat 7oz Paper Water... more

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CD1736 1000 7oz 8oz 80mm 73mm White


Paper Cups Direct

Plant Lined (PLA) White - Paper Water Cups, for hot and cold beverages. Paper Cups Direct

  • Squat 7oz Paper Water Cup (PLA) Single Wall.
  • Inner PLA lining which is biodegradable, and 100% compostable.
  • Subtle compostable message printed on the side of cup.
  • 73mm Rim Diameter for Water Cooler Dispensers.
  • Priced per Box of 1000 Paper Cups.
  • Paper Cups Direct from Europe.
  • 1000 Cups Per Case / 20 Sleeves of 50 Per Case.

PREMIUM PRODUCT: This white paper cup is 7oz (200ml) - made and formed in Europe with high quality European paper stock. Additionally this product is made using the latest high end cup forming hardware and consequently this cup is very well built, consistently formed and has superb premium quality.

Our 7oz Bio Paper cup has a PLA Lining - (a resin made from corn starch). PLA is biodegradable, and fully compostable. The PLA provides a water tight impermeable liner which means the cup will not leak. PLA cup manufacturing has a lower carbon footprint when compared to standard plastic extruding and furthermore as this particular Paper Cup is made nearby in Europe it enjoys a lower transportation "co2" footprint then the majority of cups on the market which are made in the far east. Most importantly our 7oz paper cup has the additional end of life disposable options of either commercially biodegrading, or composting.

SUBTLE ECO BRANDING: This paper cup from CupsDirect has a minimal "100% compostable message" printed on the side of the cup to make it's eco credentials identifiable with its consumers. This minimal print means there is plenty of room on the front of the paper cup to add your own pad print logo, stamp or sticker if required. 

DISPOSAL: The 7oz PLA Bio Paper Cup range can be collected with food waste (industrial composting facility required) and within 12 weeks processing they will biodegrade into a compost product that is ready to mix with soil to grow more plants. For companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint then look no further than our 7oz PLA paper cups from CupsDirect.


 Height Upper Diameter Lower Diameter Rim Thickness Material Weight
80mm 73mm 50mm 2mm 260GSM + 25 PLA

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Static Conversion Chart 

Ounces-OZ Milliliters-ML
1 30
1.5 44
2 59
2.5 74
3 89
3.5 104
4 118
4.5 133
5 148
6 177
7 207
8 237
9 266
10 296
12 355
14 414
16 473
18 532
20 591
22 651
24 710